Products we can compete in the world

We offer various products, including silver-metalized fiber AGposs®.
Our products are customizable per your requests with your choice of materials.

  • Customizable conductive fibers AGposs®

    The development, manufacture and sale of silver-metalized fiber AGposs®
    to meet customers' needs, such as uses of wearable sensors, electrodes, electromagnetic interference, RFID antennas, industrial and antibacterial materials.

  • Offering total services for wearable IoT products with AGposs® hamon®

    Smartwear products with silver-metalized fiber AGposs® that enable you
    to collect your biometric information such as ECG and heart rate.

  • Wireless communication with AGposs® to manage information RFID tags

    Identification tags with antenna function attached on products that need to be controlled in terms separate administration and number of pieces for uniforms for institutional-use. Easily processable, washable, drycleanable and can be applied to various products.

  • Willing to pursue high functionality Apparel products

    With features of AGposs® such as antibacterial/anti-odor, electromagnetic discharge, thermal/cooling effects. We offer various types of functional products that can be applied to fabrics. Easily processable to resin and adhesive.

Custom development to meet your needsCustomized development to
meet your needs

Our products are fully customizable. We can also suggest totally new wearable products from a zero-based status to meet your needs with our silver-metalized fiber AGposs®. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding customized developments.

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The latest research facility to make customized developments possible

We have been undertaking collaborated research projects through industry-academia-government cooperation for the development of wearable IoT conductive fibers to realize superior conductivity and wash durability at Keihanna Open Innovation Center known as KICK - a hub for innovative knowledge and research to open up the future.

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