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News Release

Mitsufuji as A Wearable IoT Manufacturer, Released the Disposal Smart-Wear for the First Time in This Industry.

Mitsufuji Corporation (head office: Seika-cho, Kyoto; CEO: Ayumu Mitera) is announcing the developing
and launching of disposal smart-wear for the first time in this industry, as a new product of wearable IoT brand hamon® released last year.
This new product remains not only comfortable to wear but reasonable product price that can be used as disposal.
As specially designed for nursing care, it makes users easy to slip on/off, and is also suitable for bedridden residents.
It helps not only to realize better nursing care but also look after residents during sleep.
It also helps to overcome shortage of hands, which has become one of the biggest social issues in this industry.
With the launch of this new product, we plan to make a test installation to 8 nursing homes operated by social welfare organization “Seijinkai” (head office: Ofunato-city, Iwate; chairwoman: Shige Yamazaki) and 3 nursing homes operated by social welfare organization “Morinosato” (head office: Sendai-city, Miyagi; chairwoman: Shige Yamazaki) within this year, and a full-scale installation will be considered starting from 2018.

<About this product>
hamon® Disposal Smart-Wear
・Suggested list price:2,000~5,000 yen(smart-wear only)※Price may vary depending on types.
・Sizes:01、02、03 (S、M、L)
・Material:Non-woven fabric
・Rate of elongation:280%
・Water-absorbing and fast-drying
・Wash durability:up to 5 times by hand

We take this opportunity to share the thoughts of Kazuhiko Yamazaki, chairman of both Seijinkai and
Morinosato with you.

We will be facing a serious issue regarding nursing care when the generation born during Japan’s post-war baby boom reach 75-year-old in 2025. A help of medical, nursing services will be much in demand and a labor scarcity will become a serious problem. Yet, with this hamon® product, I am certain it enables us to assure better life for elderly and nursing-care quality. Developing a safer and more secure scientific nursing and reducing physical stress of caring staff will be our mission. For us to provide a full-hearted nursing care, we are extremely honored to conduct this test installation in our facilities to provide a better quality of nursing care before the rest of the world.

■About Social Welfare Organizations Seijinkai and Morinosato
Seijinkai is based in Ofunato-city; Iwate prefecture, and Morinosato is based in Sendai-city; Miyagi prefecture. Their services include special nursing homes, day services, home help offices, home-based care. Their goal is to provide community-based nursing care to civilians by developing various service in a comprehensive way. As the basic theme of these two organizations is “Everything starts with love”, they fully enforce to provide care with their thoughts; “Placing myself in someone’s shoe”. Their facilities are equipped with standard rooms as well as unit rooms. They have been providing the best personal care service based on scientific ground ever for each resident to maintain his/her space to make it his/her.
Social Welfare Organization Seijinkai
【Corporate Site】:http://www.i-seijinkai.jp/
Social Welfare Organization Morinosato
【Corporate Site】:http://www.morinosato.biz/

■About Mitsufuji
We started business as a Nishijin textile manufacturer, where Nishijin textile craft workers started up a
factory to manufacture textile fabrics. Since 1992, we have been working on the development, manufacture
and sale of silver-metalized fiber AGposs®. With our total wearable IoT product hamon®, we are the only
one in the world that offers one-stop solutions from unique fibers to cloud services, which are our self
developed products from Japan to customers around the world. Taking advantage of our experience as the
textile manufacture, we keep striving to produce and manufacture fibers to meet customers’ needs.

【Company Profile】

Company Name: Mitsufuji Corporation (head office: Seika-cho, Kyoto)
Main Business: Development, manufacture and sale of silver-metalized conductive
fiber AGposs® and AGfitTM, wearable IoT hamon® products
Features: Self-developed wearable electrodes sensors adopted by a number of
domestic and foreign leading companies.
1956-Founded by Fujini Mitera as a Nishijin textile factory.
1980-Started to develop the use of conductive fibers, conductive nets and tapes and others for sale.
2002-Registered a trademark for AGposs® as a general brand of silver-metalized fiber.
2008-AGposs® was adopted as underwear materials for astronauts at the ISS.
2015-Exhibited our products at the first Wearable Expo.
2016-Launched self-developed IoT wearable device hamon® using clothing-typed sensor.
2017-Exhibited hamon® at the world biggest consumer electronics show CES2017.

【Corporate Site】:http://www.mitsufuji.co.jp
【hamon® Official Site】 http://www.hamon.tech

Mitsufuji Corporation Tokyo Office
Hibiya KokusaiBldg.1F2-2-3 Uchisaiwai-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1000011 Japan
PR Tel: +81-3-6453-9650
E-mail: pr@mitsufuji.co.jp

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