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We, Mitsufuji Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Mitsufuji) must protect personal information gathered from our customers and surveys and prove ourselves worthy of their trust. We shall establish a Personal Information Protection Policy as below and construct a mechanism to protect personal information. We agree to promote the policy by making our employees understand its importance and ensuring proper implementation.

“Purpose of Compliance Program with Personal Information”

Gather proper information and criteria for usage and rules of usage.
Establish the code of conduct and specific rules to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, leaks, etc.

“Organizational Activity”

We shall perform the following activities to concretize the basic policy.

Assure all board members and employees observe the protection of personal information and other related laws.
Appoint a Chief Privacy Officer and give him/her the responsibility and authorization to conduct the compliance program.
Appoint an audit controller and carry out an audit.
Based on the audit result, adjust the company regulations and operational methods within the adjusted regulations.
To boost compliance with the regulations, require business partners and individuals to cooperate.
Make this basic policy available for inspection at all times by publishing it on company’s website and in the prospectus.
Continuously improve the compliance program.

“Handling of Personal Information”

We shall handle personal information as described below, based on the above-mentioned policy.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The use of personal information is limited to the following purposes: 1. To provide information on events, seminars, campaigns, and membership services of all kinds. 2. To distribute emails and printed publications. 3. To provide information on services and products that we offer. 4. To perform appropriate assignments necessary to confirm accounting audit.
Administration of Personal Information
We shall appoint the chief administration officer, clarify his/her role, and create an environment in which he/she performs his/her duties effectively.
Rendering of Personal Information
We shall not provide personal information to any third party, except as noted below:
– We have the customer’s consent to provide his/her personal information
– We are required by law to provide personal information
– We entrust the information to our business partners, in which case, the following clause, “4. Sharing of Personal Information,” should apply.
Sharing of Personal Information
At Mitsufuji, we entrust portions of our business to external business partners to provide better services to our customers. In this case, personal information gathered from our customers may be shared with them. We shall select only those partners who properly handle personal information. We shall enter into a contract with our partner regarding management of our customers’ personal information and maintenance of confidentiality to prevent information leakage, and we shall ensure our partner closely follows this policy.
Disclosure, Modification, and other Acts concerning Personal Information
We shall deal with all customer requests pertaining to personal information, such as request for disclosure, modification (change, add, or delete his/her own personal information), and suspension of use (suspension of use or deletion and suspension of rendering his/her own personal information to a third party). In order to do so, one of the following forms must be used, depending on the nature of a request: “Application for Personal Information Discloser,” “Application for Modifying Personal Information,” or “Application for Suspension of use of Personal Information.”
Please contact the below number for forms. However, this shall not apply if it here is a risk of damage to the interest of another customer’s life, body, property, and others, or significant interference with our business. In addition, we will take appropriate measures as stipulated by laws and regulations, so please consult us.


Please use the contact below for inquiry regarding our privacy policy

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Address:Hibiya Kokusai Bldg. 4F 2-2-3 Uchisaiwai-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1000011 Japan
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