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Appeared in METI Journal February/March 2017 as Top Interview

The article written by our CEO Ayumu Mitera was appeared in METI Journal February/March 2017 as Top Interview.  (METI is the digital book edited by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.)

We would like to give you an opportunity to share his passion with you.


“I will keep walking along this road, a number of times, even hundreds of times.”

The direct road from Harajuku Station, where I always recall this phrase whenever I stand in. Back in 2008, Matsushita Electric Industrial was driving forward the biggest mobile PC project ever. I was walking along this road leading to my customers every single day as a sales representative. We had to compete against giant corporations, and we were inferior in many respects. I was walking along this road with my co-workers every single day, and we made every effort to win. We had to go through many dramas for next six months and we could turn the tables in the end and finally achieved big orders. We were told by our customer, “What we buy is important, but who we buy from is more important.”

Time has passed, my passion goes to both reconstruction and transformation of Nishijin textile factory founded by my grandfather. The new challenge to become the biggest wearable IoT manufacture from Kawamata-city, Fukushima Prefecture has just started. We promise to keep walking along the road connecting to the world from Fukushima, a number of times, not giving up easily no matter what.

And we as all members of the staff have made up our minds to walk along this road, together with all customers.


The original article is shown below. (Left: Cover / Right: Article)

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