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News Release

Mitsufuji introduces AGposs LX® (Transmitters)

Mitsufuji Corporation (Head Office: Seika-cho, Kyoto; CEO: Ayumu Mitera) unveiled its new product, AGposs®-LX, series of transmitters optimized for wearable usage.
Connected to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this product can detect biometric information such as heart-rate, electromyogram, breathing, brain waves and other information, including acceleration, direction, temperature and humidity and send the data to the devices.
To meet customers’ request and the spec of each wearable product, it can be combined with various sensors and set up desired threshold.

Product detail / Model number

AGposs® LX01 (Transmitter for smart clothing)
AGposs® LX02 (Transmitter to be attached to machines/implements)

Release date

Late in April, 2016

Suggested retail price

Discretionary price

Media Contact

Mitsufuji Corporation
Lab.Wing 13F Keihanna Plaza 1-7 Hikaridai Seika-cho Soraku-gun Kyoto, 619-0237
Tel (Public relations): 03-6453-9650
E-mail: pr@mitsufuji.co.jp