Mitsufuji as Wearable IoT Manufacturer Received SENKEN Newspaper’s Synthetic Fiber Award for New Frontier Award

Mitsufuji Corporation (head office: Seika-cho, Kyoto; CEO: Ayumu Mitera) is announcing to receive SENKEN Newspaper’s Synthetic Fiber Award for New Frontier Award for development and expansion of our highly conductive silver-metalized fiber AGposs®. Its conductivity is not only superior due to the large amount of silver, but it is excellent for electromagnetic interference, antibacterial effect, anti-odor and insulation and electrostatic discharge. With these features, AGposs® can be used as sensor to collect and monitor biometric information. Moreover, a creation of AGfit™ (stretchable conductive fiber featuring a double elongation, covered by AGposs®) is evaluated as well to open up a new potential for fiber in the future.

■What is Synthetic Fiber Award?
This award has marked 48th anniversary, and it is given to a company with superior advanced technology or materials and creative marketing activities for expecting development of chemical synthetic fiber industry.

■Message from CEO
I am greatly honored to receive SENKEN Newspaper’s Synthetic Fiber Award for New Frontier Award. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all the support Mitsufuji has received from persons concerned inside and outside the company, because we wouldn’t be here without you. Mitsufuji started from Nishijin textile factory, and now we have expanded our business to develop wearable IoT products. We will do our best to improve and specialize in AGposs® to solve various social issues. We would like to appreciate your continued support in the years to come.

【Company Profile】
Company Name: Mitsufuji Corporation (head office: Seika-cho, Kyoto)
Main Business: Development, manufacture and sale of silver-metalized conductive fiber AGposs® and AGfitTM, wearable IoT hamon® products
Features: Self-developed wearable electrodes sensors adopted by a number of domestic and foreign leading companies.
1956-Founded by Fujini Mitera as a Nishijin textile factory.
1980-Started to develop the use of conductive fibers, conductive nets and tapes and others for sale.
2002-Registered a trademark for AGposs® as a general brand of silver-metalized fiber.
2008-AGposs® was adopted as underwear materials for astronauts at the ISS.
2015-Exhibited our products at the first Wearable Expo.
2016-Launched self-developed IoT wearable device hamon® using clothing-typed sensor.
2017-Exhibited hamon® at the world biggest consumer electronics show CES2017.

【Corporate Site】:
【hamon® Official Site】

Mitsufuji Corporation Tokyo Office
Hibiya KokusaiBldg.1F2-2-3 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1000011 Japan
PR Tel: +81-3-6453-9650

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