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The team Iwaki FC visited us at Fukushima Factory.

Recently, “importance of sleep” has been garnering attention. Of course, the good quality sleep affects our daily life and work.


The good quality sleep, it is really indispensable for athletes who do workout, need to maintain their condition and improve their performance.


Iwaki FC  as football team in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, and our company believe “Good quality sleep leads to high performance”,

Mr Tamura as Director, Mr Hisanaga and Katayama of Player, Mr Hirotaguchi as Trainer visited the Fukushima factory on the 26th of last month and passed the R & D building demonstration laboratory.

They stayed, and two players wore our hamon, acquired biological information during sleep, and made efforts to visualize and analyze the data.


Also, we did some examinations with them by an interval training using the outer track and circuit training in empty space.

It was evaluated that it was able to visualize the stress state under high load.


In addition to the factory building, the Fukushima Factory, which has established open innovation, can immediately perform experiments to acquire data during exercise.

There is also a research and development building, and there are work rooms and R & D rooms for the purpose of joint research and development with research institutions such as companies and universities.

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