Mitsufuji Adopts IBM’s Watson IoT Solution for Its Wearable IoT Service hamon® as the Company Rolls out Business to the Rest of the World

Mitsufuji (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo; CEO Ayumu Mitera), IBM Japan(NYSE:IBM) and Nippon Information & Communication (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President Yujiro Hirose, hereafter “NI+C”) have announced that IBM Worker Insights, an Industrial Internet of Things solution from IBM, has been adopted as the cloud platform for the Mitsufuji’s biometric data management service hamon® that uses a wearable IoT device and is released today. NI+C will be responsible for developing and operating the cloud platform and will co-work with Mitsufuji.

As worker safety and productivity reforms move forward, companies have started to use devices in many areas to improve working environment and optimize each employee’s performance. If companies improve their digital literacy and enforce health management based on numerical data in workplaces, it will ensure safe and secure work environments and stronger corporate management.

hamon® collects the wearer’s biometric data such as heart rate from a wearable IoT device made from silver-metalized conductive fibers and offers services that apply such data for health management, employee monitoring, nursing care and welfare, and body-conditioning for sports.

On this occasion, the IBM Maximo Worker Insights adopted is an IoT solution that analyzes biometric data such as operators’ heart rate and their location, as well as environmental data such as humidity, temperature, noise and toxic gas levels, to support the health management of operators. When integrated with the biometric algorithm supported by hamon®, the solution will help users develop health management systems for operators working in harsh environments, such as construction and factories, easily and quickly. It is assumed that by analyzing biometric data collected by hamon®, as well as external data such as temperatures, managers can derive best performance from workers, grasping their health status such as their stress and fatigue level, monitor their physical condition and act accordingly, such as changing their shifts. IBM Worker Insights has been chosen as the platform to support Mitsufuji’s many global customers’ businesses, as it can offer services simultaneously around the world in the cloud.


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