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News Release

Mitsufuji did a join development with Wacoal for wearable iBRA as bra type.

Mitsufuji Corporation and Wacoal  have done a join development about wearable iBRA as bra type for working ladies.

We got the corporation upon development from Peach Aviation who also actively works on Health Management for theirs employees and we carried out wear test of iBRA intended for cabin crew.

Content of experiment : Cabin crew of Peach wear wearable device. After getting this biometric information, Medical B connect   did the analyze de stress supervised by doctors.

In consequence, we found out there are 3 principal points for the secret of cabin crew’s smile. 



1.Enough sleep

70% of those who slept for more than 6 hours had lower than average stress values.

2.Job worthwhile

The specific of hospitality industry like emotional labor(need to suppress the original emotion and be polite to people in a normative attitude) is must thing

and  even they have a heavy responsibility, if they have a job that makes them feel accomplished.

In this case, it turned out that they can have a positive impact on stress and can receive high motivation to their work.

3.Job description depending on each skill

When a task according to correct skill level is assigned, the stress level was about 40% lower than the average value of other companies.


We also carried on a questionnaire concerning to wear wearable bra.

According to the survey results,

-More than 80% of employees have increased loyalty to the company and motivated the company which has introduced wearable products, is positively working on to promote employee’s health.

– 90% of employees understood that the company had to collect certain personal information in order to do correctly labor management.

-80% of employees answered that they want to wear wearable products to know their health every day.

Therefore, it was found that health management in wearables promotes to improve the rate of turnover and is effective as an approach to health management.

*the average is calculated as average value of the total number of wearers including other companies.



■What is the project of wearable for working ladies?

Wearables are developed and marketed by various companies as a means of acquiring wearer’s biometric information and providing daily health management and fulfilling daily life.

Among them, in today’s Japan where the working population of women reached 29.26 million, women’s health management is an issue that should be addressed as a company, so that working women can continue to play an active role for a long time. Peach Aviation, Wacoal and Mitsufuji, we have decided to start for developing wearables which were easy to use, easy to wear, and support the busy everyday life.

In this project, in order to reflect the real voice of working ladies for the development, the cabin crew of Peach Aviation verify the wearing by themselves during work, and Wacoal developers based on their own know-how and the latest research results Designed products that provide stress-free comfort and beauty, offered wearable products our one-stop solution, and Mitsufuji’s technology which is able to quantify the stress by vital data, thus, it uses our strengths.

Through this project, the three companies will develop a wearable which specializes in women who work together and plan to launch in July 2019.

*1 Source; Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Statistics Bureau, MIC), “Labour Force Survey“ as of 07-Feb-2019



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