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We hold a private seminar as hamon for stress

It was held private Seminar on Visualization of stress entitled “The Future of Industrial Protection Realized by Vital Data ~Stress Management Using Vital Data~” in Last May 23rd.

We appreciated to have participants who were higher than our expected.

Mr Tomonaga of UOEH SOLUTIONS Co.,Ltd as guest lecturer took a keynote speech that the theme was <Why work style reform is necessary from the viewpoint of specialists of industrial physicians?>


Summary of seminar

*Changes of international work styles

*Importance of forming  the work comfortable environment by Work Style Reform

*”visiting old, learn new”, this is the very Japanese asset.



And Mr Seo, CEO of Medical B Connect Co.,Ltd with who we have the Business Alliance in this January, he made a speech that the theme was < handle about effective primary prevention measures.>



Then, we presented “hamon for stress” which was <the solution of visualization for stress by Mitsufuji>, has been released in March this year. And Mr Mitera CEO, gave a talk on “<wearable for working women > Project of Peach The secret of cabin crew’s smile” which Mitsufuji deals with a visualization for stress.




According to questionnaires, we obtained a lots of comments like <the conference was very useful resource> and <I would like to introduce this hamon systems> and so on…

Also it was a very nice occasion for us to know what we have to handle issues for the future having many questions from participants concerning the quality of sleep.


Thank you very much to everyone who came to our conference.

We are planning to hold a seminar in Nagoya next time due to popular demand! So we look forward to seeing many participants.