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News Release

Kimuratan Corporation accepts <hamon> of Mitsufuji’s wearable platform -Expand into wearable markets for children-

<hamon> as platform of Mitsufuji Corporation (Head Office : Kyoto / CEO : Mr Mitera Ayumu) was chosen by Kimuratan Corporation (Head office : Kobe / CEO : Mr Asakawa Takehiko) for the service which will be provided as wearable keeping watch for children to kindergarten in the whole country.

Thus, Mitsufuji has just started to expand into wearable market for children as wearable IoT platformer and develop services for keeping watch  for children with them in order to improve the quality of nurture and the secure and safety of children.


This service is designed to improve the safety of nursery school and reduce the task of childcare professional by watching over the nap check of children, checking physical condition changes, and grasping the body temperature transition etc. and try to realize them.

In recent years, the development of wearable solutions with physical condition management functions for the operation of daycare centers where ICT(Information and Communication Technology) is progressing reduces childcare burdens by ensuring the safety and security of children.

We would also like to contribute to improving the quality of childcare.

In the future, we will continue the development based on the technologies and knowledge accumulated by both companies in order to start providing wearable solution services for children to nursery schools nationwide till next summer.


Mitsufuji Corporation CEO Mr Mitera

We sincerely welcome the adoption of our wearable IoT platform, hamon, for the realization of child monitoring services by Kimuratan.

Based on 25 years of conductive fiber development technology, we provide accurate biological information and analysis services using our own algorithms specifiedon the acquired information.

Kimuratan, who has been working on children’s clothing since its founding in 1925, will provide children with secure and safety for children around the world by offering a global service platform jointly developed by IBM and us.

We will support the new challenge of Kimuratan.


Kimuratan Corporation CEO Mr Asakawa Takehiko

Our company started a nursery business in April last year and has been working to provide high-quality childcare services with the aim of providing childcare support and the growing of children with the premise of safety and security.

But very unfortunately, the serious accidents in the nursery school do not end. The “Kindergarten Watching Service”, which announces the concept, is based on Mitsufuji’s excellent technological capability.

We are confident that it will eliminate the serious accidents providing the safety of the nursery school and improve the quality of childcare.