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The team Iwaki FC visited us at Fukushima Factory.

Recently, “importance of sleep” has been garnering attention. Of course, the good quality sleep affects our daily life and work.   The good quality sleep, it is really indispensable for athletes who do workout, need to maintain their condition and improve their performance.   Iwaki FC  as football team in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, and our company believe “Good quality sleep leads to high performance”, Mr Tamura as Director, Mr Hisanaga and Katayama of Player, Mr Hirotaguchi as Trainer visited<READ MORE>

CEO Mr Mitera made a speech at Moble World Congress 2019

Mitsuji and also KONE were selected as an example of a company causing disruptive innovation hosted as partner program session by IBM, at Mobile World Congress 2019 (largest mobile fair in the world) in Barcelona, Spain, on February 25-28 last month.   CEO Mr Mitera participated it as a guest speaker by welcoming Mr Ishan as host, who is Director of Watson IoT department.   Mr Mitera talked about which reason Mitsufuji did digital transferred from textile in Kyoto to <READ MORE>

Mr Uchibori as governor of Fukushima Prefeture, visited us at Fukushima Factory.

Mr Uchibori as governor of Fukushima Prefeture, visited us at Fukushima Factory on 19 Febrary in order to verify the actual situation of reconstruction by himself. When he visited the factory, he was interested in the customization of the electrode position by CAD system and the mechanism of the WHOLEGARMENT machine, and listened eagerly to. After the inspection, <“I saw here the world’s most advanced efforts in Kawamata and felt the fullness of manufacturing. It’s exactly Kawamata Pride. It must<READ MORE>

News Release
Mitsufuji as wearable platformer exhibits at Wearable EXPO 2019. It is for us a largest exposition ever.

Mitsufuji Corporation (Head Office : Kyoto / CEO : Mr Mietra Ayumu) exhibits at 5th Wearable EXPO 2019* between 16th and 18th January at Tokyo Big Sight. It is for us a largest exposition ever.   This year, the fifth exhibition, we will hold the largest opening space in the history of wearable Expo, and display contents that can contribute to solving client’s issues of management and business. In addition, our CEO Mr Mitera will talk about that we will<READ MORE>

News Release
Kimuratan Corporation accepts <hamon> of Mitsufuji’s wearable platform -Expand into wearable markets for children-

<hamon> as platform of Mitsufuji Corporation (Head Office : Kyoto / CEO : Mr Mitera Ayumu) was chosen by Kimuratan Corporation (Head office : Kobe / CEO : Mr Asakawa Takehiko) for the service which will be provided as wearable keeping watch for children to kindergarten in the whole country. Thus, Mitsufuji has just started to expand into wearable market for children as wearable IoT platformer and develop services for keeping watch  for children with them in order to improve<READ MORE>

News Release
Medical B Connect Co.,Ltd signed up the service partnership contract with Mitsufuji. ~enter the market of health management and Industrial hygiene as mental health service via using biometric information~

Mitsufuji Corporation (Head Office : Kyoto / CEO : Mr Mietra Ayumu) signed up the service partnership contract with Medical B Connect Co., Ltd. (Head Office : Nagoya / CEO : Mr Seo )which furthers develop mental health measure business(EAP).   In consequence , Mitsufuji enters the health management market by providing mental health measures using stress values calculated from the biometric data such as heart rate, RRI and other data acquired by hamon® cloud service, a biometric information management<READ MORE>

News Release
Mitsufuji Adopts IBM’s Watson IoT Solution for Its Wearable IoT Service hamon® as the Company Rolls out Business to the Rest of the World

Mitsufuji (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo; CEO Ayumu Mitera), IBM Japan(NYSE:IBM) and Nippon Information & Communication (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President Yujiro Hirose, hereafter “NI+C”) have announced that IBM Worker Insights, an Industrial Internet of Things solution from IBM, has been adopted as the cloud platform for the Mitsufuji’s biometric data management service hamon® that uses a wearable IoT device and is released today. NI+C will be responsible for developing and operating the cloud platform and will co-work with Mitsufuji. As<READ MORE>

Completion Ceremony of Mitsufuji Fukushima Factory was held

Completion ceremony of Mitsufuji Fukushima Factory was held on Sunday, September 2nd in Kawamata-city, Fukushima prefecture. This project had started since July 2016 and the construction had begun since January 2018. We take this opportunity to appreciate your attendance and your continued support in the years to come.  

Participated in ”The 7th JACI/GSC Symposium”

Our CEO Ayumu participated in “The 7th JACI/GSC Symposium” as one of the panelists held in Shinkobe on June 15th, with the theme of “The Open Innovation Connected by Chemistry” . He exchanged his opinions and shared his ideas with other panelists and participants.

Participated in “IBM Think Japan 2018”

Our CEO Ayumu participated in “IBM Think Japan 2018” with the title of “Silver-Metalized Wearable, The Future Created by hamon”. The event is being held today in Tokyo. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend this seminar.