Metal that has a face of yarns

AGposs® is a silver-metalized fiber on the surface of nylon. AGposs® is entirely covered with "silver" on its surface. It is like threads and not like threads, like metal and not like metal. It is, so to speak, "metal that has a face of yarns". Unlike conventional silver-conjugated fiber and Slitted film-like silver yarn, its conductivity is superior due to the large amount of silver. Therefore, it is excellent for Electromagnetic Interference, Antibacterial Effect, Anti-odor, Thermal Effect, Insulation and Electrostatic Discharge.


Silver has been known for its antibacterial properties, but AGposs® offers the additional characteristic of excellent conductivity.
In addition, its specific gravity is very low at 1.4 - 1.6, which is superior to fine metal wires and metal powder in terms of cost performances. This enables us to propose appropriate products according to customer's requests.

Silver is said to be the safest metal for living bodies. Hospital Monitor Report on Hazardous Household Goods created by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reports in its survey on the investigation of skin damage by metal products that silver is the least susceptible to the skin.

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Product lines for AGposs® are filaments, spun yarns, cut fibers, twisted yarns, woven fabrics and nonwoven fabrics. Unlike metallic thin wires and film fibers, it retains the soft texture particular to the fiber, so it is possible to process into woven or knitted fabrics, and cut fibers can be put in resin and adhesive, etc. The adhesion of yarn to silver is strong, and silver plating does not peel off easily.

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Introduction of our products

  • AGposs® Silver-Metalized Fiber (Filament)

    Possesses the highest electrical resistance among all conductive fibers, yet maintains a texture of fibers and washability. It can be used for wearable sensors, electrodes, materials for electromagnetic interference, RFID antennas and others.

  • Conductive Wearable Electrode Knitted Tape

    Flexible knit tapes made from 100% silver-metalized conductive fibers. It can be used as a wearable electrode or conductive lead wires.

  • Conductive Coated Wires AGposs®T1, T1Z for Wearable

    Lead wires for wearables with a polyester coating of 12-micron thickness on AGposs®. It maintains a flexibility unique to fibers. Shielded AGposs®T1Z that prevents external radio wave interference is also available.

  • Silver-Metalized Fiber, Conductive Machine-Sewing Thread

    Just as Filament above, it can be used widely as a joint to conductive parts and wearable wiring.

  • Silver-Metalized Fiber-Spun Yarn

    By mixing silver with cotton or PET as conductive fibers, a texture is close to original fibers, and not only features antibacterial, electromagnetic discharge but also conductivity, antibacterial and anti-odor.

  • Silver-Metalized Staple

    Cut out of filament. It can be used for nonwoven fabrics and spun yarns with features of conductivity and antibacterial effect.

  • Antibacterial / Conductive / ElectroMagnetic Interference Mesh Fabric

    Excellent conductivity and visibility by metalizing silver on nylon mesh. Washable, durable and expected for countermeasures against electromagnetic waves emitted by medical instruments in hospitals.

  • Conductive Wearable Knit Fabric

    Flexible knit fabrics made with silver-metalized conductive fiber. It can be used as a wearable electrode and sheets.

  • Silver-Metalized Cut Fiber

    Metalized on 0.3mm~3mm cut materials. It can be used for conductive adhesives, paint and stylus pens.

  • ElectroMagnetic Interference Fabric

    Possesses a softness of fiber and washability, yet maintains a conductivity. Its performance is 30dB or more (based on KEC method). Note: It is possible to achieve over 30dB performance depending on structures.

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