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    Corporate philosophy
    We solve social and customer issues by providing high value services.
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    We provide and relief, safe and hope in all over the world.
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    Managerial policy
    1. One stop 2. Co-creation 3. Challenge to the World
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    Business strategy
    Accurate biological information and most advanced algorithms
    Co-Creation Platform
    B2B Subscription Model


We solve social and customer issues by providing high value services.
Evolving by integrating with the latest technology in the world
Mitsufuji was born as a company which manufactures Nishijin “obi” .
In the 1990s, we have developed highly conductive fibers by merging Japanese traditional weaving technology and American silver plating technology.
At present, we also could reach to fuse the latest hardware technologies and ICT and we provide wearable IoT solutions which can acquire biometric information in a high accuracy simply by wearing it.
By monitoring people’s biological information, we solve the problems faced by clients’ all over the world and contribute to resolving social problems such as Stress, Death from overwork, Heatstroke, Solitary death, SIDS, Remote medical care and Preventive medical care.
Mitsufuji will continue to evolve by integrating with the world’s latest technology, we try to solve social and clients’ issues.


We provide and relief, safe and hope in all over the world.
Focus on being useful for society
Up until now a lot of industrial innovation has brought various conveniences to our lives.
In the 21st century, companies are required to contribute more sociality in their activities. In other words, as a member of the local community, we need to do it.
It is an era in which the significance of existence is strictly needed every day.
Since our founding, we have continued our technological innovation efforts and focused on helping society.

From now on, the wearable IoT technology will eliminate all negative thing surrounding us, such as defects, unhealth, inconvenience, and provide relief, safer and more hopeful for each life all over the world.

We will contribute to the realization and development of a new society through our corporate activities so that a peaceful and healthy society based on diversity with mutual respect and honor.


1 stop
Mitsufuji, we have all hardware and software necessary for wearable IoT solutions acquired from biometric information, and are able to provide a one-stop service to customers.
Mitsufuji, when the collaborating with other companies, we build the relationship like win-win and to utilize each other’s strengths, we will create new things and services together.
Challenge to the world
Mitsufuji, we are not limited to domestic activities, but will challenge the global market toward the realization of a world in which biometric information improves people’s lives.


We co-create with our clients by accurate biological information and most advanced algorithms.
Accurate biological information and most advanced algorithms
Accurate biological information acquired by Mitsufuji’s core technology is analyzed with the latest technology, and an algorithm is constructed.
Co-creation Platform
Highly conductive fibers, wear, transmitters, apps & clouds, and algorithms, customized for each component, we will realize a “co-creation platform” which meets all corporate’s needs.
B2B Subscription Model
We will develop a “subscription model” that collects a fixed charge every month with hamon Cloud Service.