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News Release

Participants to test “AGposs®” wearable device at Asia Pacific Corporate Games in Tokyo 2016

-Experimental Demonstration of Smart Clothing for the Future of Healthcare-

Mitsufuji Corporation (Head Office: Seika-cho, Kyoto; CEO: Ayumu Mitera) will offer a demonstration experiment of a clothing-type wearable device for healthcare at Asia Pacific Corporate Games in Tokyo 2016 taking place November 5th-6th, 2016.

Mitsufuji plans to develop a detection and prediction system for illness and disorders by using clothing type wearable devices made with conducting fiber, “AGposs®“.
This system measures electrocardiogram, breathing and electromyogram automatically and analyses heart rate variability (variation in the time interval between heartbeats), breathing rate and electrical activity of muscles to monitor your health status, such as drowsiness, tiredness and sleep quality and to predict heatstroke, sleep apnea syndrome and epileptic seizure.

Our ongoing projects are as follows:
(1)Development of a product to collect accurate data when the body is in motion (e.g. exercise, work).
(2)Development of an algorithm for data analysis, prediction and diagnosis.
(3)Create an environment where companies and organizations can share and use biometric information for peoples’ health and security.

At the event, we will ask participants: (1) to put on our wearable device for a verification of accurate data collection (2) to take part in our project by using our app.

Our mission is to assist with employees’ health problems, such as job-related stress and insomnia, heat stroke risk at the construction site, and older people’s health issues, which all are recognized as Japan’s social problems, by developing wearable solutions.
We will strive to create a society where people can live safe and healthy lives.

About Asia Pacific Corporate Games in Tokyo

Since The Corporate Games started in the late 1980’s in England, Corporate Games have been held in 60 cities in 30 countries around the world and have included over 1,000,000 international participants. Anyone ages 8 to 120 wearing identical uniforms can choose any sports to play and participate as a team in the 2-day sports festival.
The Asia Pacific Corporate Games in Tokyo, held in 2014 and 2015, included approximately 16,000 participants from 468 companies. Many participants are expected this year as well.

About Mitsufuji Corporation

Company name: Mitsufuji Corporation (Seika-cho, Kyoto)
Business overview: Development, manufacture, and sale of conducting fibers “AGposs®” for wearable IoT products.
Feature: In-house development of electrode sensors adopted to top global companies.
1956 Fujini Mitera established company as Nishijin Textile factory
1980 Began developing conductive fibers and selling products such as nets and tapes made with the fibers.
2002 Established silver-plated fiber “AGposs®” and completed trademark registration.
2008 AGposs® material adopted for use in underclothes for astronauts working in the International Space Station.
2015  Showcased products at 1st Wearable Expo in Tokyo
2016  Began developing fibers for the diagnosis and monitoring of epilepsy in cooperation with BioSerenity (France).

Media Contact

Mitsufuji Corporation Tokyo Office
Tel: 03-6453-9650
E-mail: pr@mitsufuji.co.jp
8F Cross Office Mita 5-29-20 Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo