Silver-metalized fiber wear that monitors daily biometric information

hamon® is an entirely new wearable product made of silver fiber AGposs® featuring the most advanced functionality, and enables you to monitor your biometric information. hamon® has been developed to specialize in wear comfort to monitor your ECG, heartrate, volume of your activity daily.
It enables you to collect sophisticated data with electrode all-in-one wear, and makes you feel comfortable to fit by specialized processing.


Small sensor device aiming for your daily wear

Data collecting from clothing-typed biometric sensor transfers to your smartphone to monitor your life and safety.  It can be used repeatedly with chargeable micro USB battery and is water-proof as well. We’ve made the best efforts to minimize size and weight that enable you to wear daily.

Full-time monitor with device

Full-time monitor on your PC can be linked up with your smartphone or the cloud.
By measuring your biometric information in real time, various services can be available by handling a status change of a person.

Monitorable information

ECG / Heartrate / EMG / Breathing rate / Acceleration / Gyro /
Temperature / Humidity / etc.

*Including services under development

The future created by hamon®

Combined with a small transmitter, your biometric information can be analyzed on the cloud.
We will develop various services to solve diverse social issues.

Health care
Health care can be promoted by measuring from vital information, acceleration to quality of sleep, by only wearing during sleep.
Industrial operation management
Safty care can be conducted by detecting sleepiness and fatigue of a driver and by encouraging rest.
Various issues for aging society can be solved by providing services that enables you to watch for family living far.
Medical care
We aspire society that we all live at ease by focusing on pre-symptomatic disease, and by detecting attacks with wearable products.
*Including services under development

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